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[6.10.04] a small review has surfaced in The Big Takeover issue 54 (with Stereolab on the cover.) if you can find it you should win a prize or something— the last 100 pages of the magazine are reviews. here's a quote:

It starts quiet and subtle, but builds until it's soaring and filling everything, and you can hear the clouds dance; the sky lowers itself to touch you, and the world spins a little slower. —Marcel Feldmar
[3.12.04] some new reviews for you to check out: All Music Guide (thanks MacKenzie!) and LosingToday (thanks Jennifer!) somehow, we're on medium rotation right now on a commercial rock station in Cincinnati, WOXY. looks like a pretty cool station.
[12.10.03] our song "rollercoaster" is featured for this week on npr's all songs considered. please check it out and give us your vote.
[11.5.03] a couple more reviews have popped up. one in the PopMatters.com Demogogue column and one at the Splendid E-zine. share and enjoy.
[9.16.03] we finally have a discography page. some embellishing with sound clips will come.
[9.9.03] our CD has made it to college radio across the US and Canada. feel free to request us at your favorite one. if you happen to hear it somewhere let us know or post to our message board, k?
[6.8.03] DJ Loveless has added us to her stellar internet streaming radio station. check it out here.
[5.30.03] toneVENDOR rocks! if you're not already familiar with Dan and Heather Sostrom's music shop perhaps you should be. you can find a plethora of cool CDs and music merchandise, including ours (finally!) just browse around, and you can be sure to run across more great music than just about anywhere else.

so you can now conveniently pick up a copy of our CD at the super cool, indie friendly Sea Level Records in Echo Park at 1716 W. Sunset Blvd. and at Aron's Records, 1150 N. Highland Ave.
update: Aron's no longer carries our ep.


quoting from rod's email:

this will be the last dispatch you will be receiving from the von trapps information ministry for quite some time because the once existent band as of now no longer exists. (still trying to decide if 'broke up' is too cliché and i should use something cool like 'on indefinite hiatus' but in the end it all means the same thing as any good my bloody valentine fan will tell you) about now you're probably thinking that this was brought about by matt's abuse of the word 'hippie' but rest assured it wasn't. the reasons are at the same time both simple and complex. unfortunately you'll have to wait for the VH1 behind the music to get the scoop (or at least catch one of us drunk at a party and try, try, try to pry it out of us)

on the other hand, the once non-existent (but highly anticipated) von trapps e.p. is now fully existent.at last. yes kiddies, we are proud to say that "this is the von trapps" is finally in our hot little hands and can now be in yours as well. if you're interested in reliving the trapps experience at home (or at work, or in the car, or wherever you want) email us or check out the website to find out all the info you need (like where to send your hard earned and well concealed cash and other things like that) once you get it, feel free to whip out your sharpie and change the 'this is..' to 'that was..' if the spirit so moves you.

the website will stay up for some time, so go there to visit the message board and pass along whatever thoughts you have, or even keep tabs on what your favorite trapp alums are doing, or to see if the recordings we've been working on will ever get finished or if we've dug through the archives to whip out a few golden oldies or who knows what else...

with all that being said, i think i can safely speak for jen, nick, matt & leif when i say THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE YEARS! (yo, yo, with a special shout out to the crazy OVT crew straight out of the trapp alumni society, john, james, chris, drew, charles, sara, tom, and benny. word up!)


former information minister of the von trapps (rip)


the ep has landed.

our long awaited cd, this is the von trapps, is finally available. the easiest way to get a copy would be to come to one of our shows, but we're not playing any shows. the next easiest way would be to ask for one the next time you see any of us, if you haven't already. we're in the process of getting it into several popular, convenient retail channels also. news on that will follow shortly.

[1.11.03] thanks to everyone who made it to Spaceland last night! we had a super blast with friends new and old (from back in the Elysium + Aberdeen days.) some say it was our best and best sounding show yet. those, um, slackers who missed it will have to see how Violaine goes. there's a very good chance we'll have CDs by then but you'll have to just show up and see.
[1.6.03] so that old message board was starting to cramp our style and feel like long teeth. try the new forums and let us know what you think. to revisit your past comedic hijinks click here for the old forum. oh, a bunch of cool folks are asking us to play shows with them and we're loath to refuse them— so check back soon! (it'll really be cool when we have CDs too.)
[12.6.02] somehow the von trapps have shows (yes plural!) lined up for the holiday season. the EP is so close now we can almost taste them. as to when they will hit the streets, you may have to come say hi to find out.
[9.18.02] everyone's been really busy — that's not really news. the good news is that mixing is officially done on our EP and you can hear some of the results on the aural page. i know 30 seconds is somewhat abrupt so there are some full length tunes at mp3.com as always and you're all going to come to our shows and pick up a cd anyhow right? speaking of which, we should have one or two lined up in October. more info will appear as things coalesce.
[7.8.02] hope everyone that made it to the show last night had a great time and got a chance to pick up some Dewdrops music! aside from the funny acoustics of a dance club and a bit of a rough start, the show rocked fairly unequivocally. thanks to Wednesday and Doomie for inviting us to play. be sure to mark Tuesday, the 30th on your calendar for the Fold show.
[3.29.02] if you enjoy beating your head with the verbiage only found in the schemes and dreams of music lawyers and internet marketing types i suggest you sign yourself up at the online music site, mp3.com.
that being said, the von trapps are officially legit, so legit, in fact, it isn't funny. we now have our own presence at mp3.com with scads of songs and information about said songs and a good time can be had by all-- so check it out.
[3.7.02] some of you may have seen the news appearing at the Dewdrops website. the Cocteau Twins cover of "Need Fire" that Rod and Jen did with Drew many eons ago will be appearing in the aptly named cd, Half-Gifts, A Tribute To The Cocteau Twins. why did this take so long to surface? you would have to ask those Dewdrops kids....
[2.18.02] a journal will be posted here and be updated somewhat regularly. a glimpse into the inner workings of those von trapps. you're probably thinking that you need a hobby about now....