chronology of physical product:
how deep is your love?


this is the von trapps
self released CD EP, June 2003

go with me mp3 sound clips on the aural page
the day we met

jen: vocals
matt: drums
nick: keyboards
rod: guitars, bass
chris: bass on go with me and waiting

available online at toneVENDOR and at Sea Level Records at 1716 W. Sunset Blvd., Echo Park

Violaine Volume 3
Various Artists - compilation CDR, March 2003

last summer was better (recorded 1999) listen from the aural page

jen: vocals
rod: guitars, bass
james: drums
benny: guitar

given away at Club Violaine

half-gifts - a tribute to the cocteau twins
Various Artists - Dewdrops compilation CD, 2002

need fire (recorded 2000) mp3 sound clip

jen: vocals
rod: guitars
drew: keyboards, programming

available from Dewdrops

rock hits
45 minute cassette, 1999

last summer was better listen from the aural page
benny, it's only a movie
falling down the stairs (again) listen from the aural page
in a day
sounds like saturn
my many colored days
all the wahs in the world can't save you
shake's down
in the swerve time
elysia sings songs about gravity, record stores and how light makes colors

jen: vocals
rod: guitars, bass, vocals
james: drums
benny: guitar on last summer was better
elysia: vocals

sold at CD release party for Splashed With Many a Speck, Spaceland, 4/23/1999

Splashed with many a Speck
Various Artists - Dewdrops compilation CD, 1997

out in a boat (recorded 1996) listen from the aural page

jen: vocals, bass
rod: guitars, drum programming
john: guitars

available from Dewdrops



Elysium releases:
from back in the day


Dewdrops Primer 1996
Various Artists - 7"

christmas (recorded 1995) mp3 sound clip

jen: vocals
tony: guitar
rod: bass, drum programming
john: guitar

available from Dewdrops

Dewdrops CD, 1995

1. glistening ganache
2. soledad
3. proud man mp3 sound clip
4. dulcinea mp3 sound clip
5. i was a child
6. sweetly said
7. close to the end
8. calm peril
9. in times…
10. the road
11. first thought

jenny adams: vocals
tony cornejo: guitars
rodney rodriguez: guitars, drum programming
john west: bass

available from Dewdrops