the von trapps

ok here is the new and improved skinny.  everything is confirmed.  life is great and order has been restored to the universe as we know it.  

no, really it has.

well, we're going on first (starting promptly @ 10pm), which should prove to be beneficial to those non-night owls.  you know who you are.  mr. t's just started a new 2 drink minimum policy type thing.  so you pay $5 @ the door and get two drink tickets.  so it's still kinda free because you were gonna knock back a few anyway.  in the off chance that you're not gonna drink,  see mike @ the door and he might be able to do something for you.  but i'm sure you weren't gonna stop @ just 2. 

oh yeah, here's a tip on parking.  from fig, go west on ave 57 and park in the lot on the left.  there is a back entrance there that you can't miss.  i drove past the front for years and missed it every time.


i know it's short notice and all, but what else were you gonna do on a tuesday night?

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