the von trapps

we're the renegades of funk

 well as you can tell, the von trapps have finally come out of hiding & will see the light of day, um........ok, night this sunday.  we should be going on @ 9. so there is time for most of you to watch the simpsons then haul ass down to beautiful downey, home of the carpenters & the blasters and even pre bay area metallica (or was that I gotta catch that behind the music again).  just follow those directions painfully etched in our collective mind.....pete ellis dodge, long beach freeway, firestone exit, south gate... then keep going about a mile.  just past johnnie's broiler, on the north side of the street, located in a strip mall lies the stardust club, which will be forever know as the launch site of the von trapps world domination master planŽ (phase 42).  you missed the  beatles @ the cavern club,  the doors @ the whiskey, and even u2 opening for the j. geils band @ the sports arena on the freeze frame tour, but you can bear witness to the power and majesty of  the von trapps @ the stardust.  

here's what we know... I don't think there is a cover, but I have been know to be wrong in the past.  the heart sound simulator set up the show & go on at 10pm.  they have been described as my bloody valentine noise pop.  mmmmm good. 

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