the story of the von trapps                    


ok. it all started back in the day. there was this band. they had a drum machine. rod met jen. tony said she was cool. rod wasn't too sure. but he was soon convinced. jen got john on board. it was a beautiful thing. but then that band kinda went the way of most bands and slowly faded away. many twists and turns ensued. the von trapps were born. more twists and turns ensued. we talked nick into playing a show @ spaceland. then he didn't show up for practice for about a year or so, but we forgave him. matt came along. it was a rebuilding year (again). then somehow or another we talked leif into getting on the von trapps tip. we are unstoppable now. wonder twin powers activate and all that. the rest as they say is history....ok maybe in the making, but history nonetheless.